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Blog Topic #13: What inspires you?

Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. I been thinking it, all I can think of is, for progress. Evolution, change is constant and if you don't adjust, you will be part of the past, history. Sure, sometimes there are long blocks of the same... Continue Reading →

Blog Topic #2: Can I get a resource?

While doing some research for another post, I came across this web type resource here . This website is a nice one stop general web font center that also has links/resources to more in depth information. It pretty much covers anything web, it is a book it or at least is intended to be one... Continue Reading →

It’s a Web type new age…Blog Topic #6

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Working Group, they introduced back in 1998 a CSS Rule that would allow font usage that was hosted or as an external link. It took a decade for it to clear rights and licensing rights. Uh, so apparently the era of web type started with the re-introduction of   @font-face in 2008.... Continue Reading →

Blog Topic #10: What’s a Favicon?

A favicon or "fave-icon" a small iconic style image that represents a website. Most often found on the address bar of your browser, but can used for bookmarks and feeds as well. It generally follows your logo, website theme or color palette so that user can quickly recognize and associate it. What is needed? Usually... Continue Reading →

Blog Topic #5: Customize This!

I did it! I customized my blogging website, sorry for neglecting you, blog. It had been years since I messed around with blog account. Themes back in the day where not the best, or not very customization friendly. It is the reason why I just hosted my wordpress blog and edited it to my... Continue Reading →

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